We've distributed more than 20,000 cards!!!

Thanks to everyone's support, as of last week we've sent more than 23,000 cards to victims of the March 11 disaster!

We've also sent more than 2,000 packages of cosmetics and body care supplies to evacuation centers, thanks to donations from companies such as Shiseido, Lush Japan, and The Body Shop.

These are images of the packages we've been sending to be distributed at evacuation centers. Locals and students have helped us in getting them to the sites.

Thus far, we've sent cards and supplies to locations in Iwate prefecture (Rikuzentakata, Toono), Miyagi prefecture (Ishinomaki, Wataricho, Minamisanriku), and Fukushima prefecture (Koriyama, Iwaki), where they have been distributed both to evacuation centers and to private homes.

We've also sent out cards and supplies through help from the Morioka Women's Center and Women's Support Network, through distributing them directly at seminars for volunteers heading up to the disaster areas, and through distributing them ourselves at evacuation centers in the Greater Tokyo area.

We thank all of the volunteers and people who have made these activities possible from the bottom of our hearts.

We will continue with these activities, and will now also send out supplies such as "emergency buzzers" for use by children as well as books that explain children's rights in an easily understandable way.

As we approach the 3rd month anniversary of the disaster, we're also entering a new phase of support for those affected most deeply by the disaster. We all need to do our part to support the recovery of those in the disaster areas and the regions as a whole. We'll continue to report on our activities and what can be done.