We are accepting requests for our violence-prevention cards!!

The second batch of informational cards that we designed together with Impact Tokyo and the Post-Disaster Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Network has arrived!!

Through distributing these cards to women and children directly affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, we hope to prevent further secondary damages arising from the stress, uncertainty, and disorder of post-disaster life.

We are looking for volunteers to help distribute our cards to disaster victims.

If you are going to the disaster areas or evacuation centers and would like to help us distribute the cards, please get in touch with us:

Post-Disaster Relief Project for Women and Children
E-mail: hope@polarisproject.jp
Tel: 050-3496-7615 (office)

Please let us know the following:
1. Who the cards will be distributed to
2. The estimated number of recipients
3. How the cards will be distributed
4. Whether you can send us photos of the distributed cards
5. Whether it would be possible to post these pictures on this blog

We would also like to make a request for donations to cover the costs of printing and sending the cards. Because 100% of these costs are covered by our organization, we need help in order to continue these activities over a long-term period. Donations can be made easily through postal transfer or via credit card on-line:

<Postal transfer account information>
Account number: 00190-4-280388
Account name: てのひら~人身売買に立ち向かう会 (Te no hira Jinshin Baibai ni Tachimukau Kai)

<For deposits from other banks to our postal savings account>
Branch number: 019
Account number: 0280388
Account name: テノヒラ ジンシンバイバイニタチムカウカイ (Te no hira Jinshin Baibai ni Tachimukau Kai)

<Credit Card/Pay Pal>
By clicking on this link, you will be taken automatically to our Pay Pal site, where you can donate easily by credit card. There are no service charges.

Thank you for your support!!!