Opening of “Purple Hotline” Phone Line for Victims of Sexual Violence

As introduced in an earlier post, the Cabinet Ministry’s first sexual assault hotline – “Purple Dial” – temporarily shut down on March 27. In its place, the National Women’s Shelter Net will begin offering consultations over the phone with the new “Purple Hotline.

24-Hour Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Hotline: 0120-941-826

About the hotline:
  • Services are offered 24-hours a day
  • All calls are toll-free
  • You may call as many times as you like
  • Consultations of any kind are welcomed
  • Services are completely confidential
  • Anonymous calls are accepted
  • Calls from family members or friends are accepted
"Purple Hotline" has been covered by the media:
April 7 article in Tokyo News
April 1 article on
The Internet radio station "Radio Purple"