Our Informational Cards Will Arrive at Evacuation Centers Next Week

Our informational and awareness-raising cards will arrive at a 500-person evacuation center in Souma City, Fukushima next week, where they will be distributed by health care providers. Their arrival will mark the first wave in our direct support efforts to women and children in the disaster-affected areas. The week after next, another shipment will be delivered by nurses to an evacuation center in Iwaki City, Fukushima.

The cards provide useful information for women and children on how to protect and care for themselves. They also list the local phone numbers for special police hotlines on violence against women and children.

[Note to the Nurses and Health Care Providers Serving Disaster-Affected Areas]
Please distribute these cards to women and children. We are sending you 100 cards, which provide useful information related to the safety and well-being of women and children.

[Request for Donations from Companies Specializing in Products for Women and Children]
At the end of April, we will send informational cards to shelters together with cosmetics and body care products for women donated by participating companies. For those companies that would like to participate, please get in touch with us. We especially need: feminine hygiene products, cosmetics (cleanser, lotion, etc.), body wipes, warm underclothes, and washcloths.

[Request for Monetary Donations]
We are sending out informational cards to disaster-affected areas together with products needed by women and children. The three organizations that have allied to make this project possible are working night and day to conduct these efforts on top of our regular activities. So that we can continue our disaster support efforts beyond April, we are asking for your support. Please donate to the disaster support funds of any of the following organizations:

The design for our informational cards was offered pro bono by Sankoudou Ltd.